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PUNDIT – Football’s Original Trivia Game
PUNDIT – Football’s Original Trivia Game
PUNDIT – Football’s Original Trivia Game
PUNDIT – Football’s Original Trivia Game
PUNDIT – Football’s Original Trivia Game
PUNDIT – Football’s Original Trivia Game

PUNDIT – Football’s Original Trivia Game

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PUNDIT is football’s original trivia game. Revisit memories of legendary players and iconic moments! Embark on a nostalgic football journey with your friends and remember the game's biggest legends to prove you are the best 'PUNDIT' in the group! Our game takes you on a journey through football history. Compete in questions in eight categories: England 1990s, England 2000s, England 2010s, The Football League, England National Team, Champions League, International Players, and the World Cup. Free shipping & Returns

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Great game, love the different
difficulty levels.


Arsenal fan


A fantastic game for all the football fanatics out there! Whether it's for a pre-match warm-up with the lads or after the game, it's got something for everyone.


Man. City fan


I bought the game recently and I love it. It’s great to play with family and friends and I would recommend it to anyone. Give it a go!


Leicester fan


Excellent to play with family and


Newcastle fan


Took this to the pub and the lads loved it! Would recommend this game for all football fans looking for a fun and challenging game.


Liverpool fan


A Great range of questions for old and new lifelong football fans! Got the old gray matter working for some great questions on the 80s and 90s footballing era.


Leeds fan

Dom Matteo
Dom Matteo

Scotland, Liverpool, Leeds

"It didn’t take long to learn – its great to have something new out there not seen before! Well done!"

Daniel Gray
Daniel Gray

Author/writer, When Saturday Comes, Nutmeg

"Pundit is brilliant. It is Trivial Pursuit for the football fan. A perfect, enjoyable way to prove that knowing the names of obscure left-backs is important."

Mikkel Bischoff
Mikkel Bischoff

Man. City, Wolves

"Incredible game! Takes you on a journey through footballing history in such a fun, original, and nostalgic way."

Mads Junker
Mads Junker

Denmark, Vitesse, Roda

"All football fans need this game! It’s ingenious entertainment for celebrations, game nights, or even the dressing room!"

Learn how to play
What is Pundit?

PUNDIT is football’s original trivia game. Like no other.

Made for fans like ourselves, who love to revisit memories of legendary players and iconic moments!

Challenge friends and family to see who best remembers the forgotten greats, cult heroes, one-hit wonders, fringe players and next-big-things – to take the PUNDIT crown!

Original Pundit questions
900 iconic players

The answer to an original PUNDIT question is always the name of an iconic footballer.

Indulge in 900 questions across memorable categories like the 90s Premier League, The Three Lions, World Cup or even Italian legends.

Park the bus and opt for the ‘Easy’ difficulty, or take a risk with the 'Hard' questions.

Tactic cards
Outsmart opposition with surprise tactics

Tactic cards can turn the game upside down in an instant – and can be played by either the attacking or the defending team.

Collect as many Tactic cards as possible early on in the game. This will allow your team to win back possession or boost your own attacking prospects.

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About us

Aodhan Brownlee

Aodhan Brownlee

Aodhan Brownlee is a huge Newcastle Fan. Lives in Darlington. Will meet you all over England at football fairs.

Jonas Hagemann Jensen

Jonas comes from a small town called Odense in Denmark. OB anyone? Huge football nerd, remembers Tonton Zola-Moukoko from Championship Manager.

Sajeev Shankar

Sajeev Shankar

Sajeev used to work as a football journalist, and a good one at that. Raised in a small town called Ikast, but loves Arsenal!

Godfred Hansen-Nord

Godfred Hansen-Nord

Godfred loves FC Copenhagen and will know everything about Spanish football.