Dominic Matteo loves PUNDIT

Here's what Dominic Matteo has said of our game:

"That game was fun. Love the football. Some good questions as well. Some tough questions. It didn't take long for us to get talking. I really enjoyed it and i think it's something that I really would play myself and I think it's really exciting."

And why has he said this? 

Well, in 2020, PUNDIT met the famed scotsman and professional footballer in Harrogate near Leeds first and foremost to talk football but also to show him PUNDIT - football's original trivia game.

It was a wonderful night full of nostalgia and stories told by Matteo himself, but he was also impressed by our game. We were very proud to have such an esteemed footballer being a fan of our game. 

Since then, Dominic has shared us on his Instagram profile endorsing us even more.



Dominic Matteo was a versatile and dedicated footballer who left a mark on the pitch and in the hearts of fans. Born in 1974 in Scotland, Matteo's career spanned over 15 years, notably playing for Liverpool and Leeds United. His strength and adaptability allowed him to excel in various positions, from defense to midfield, showcasing his skill and commitment.

Matteo's time at Liverpool, where he played from 1992 to 2000, included memorable moments like his stunning long-range goal against Leicester City in the League Cup. His move to Leeds United in 2000 further solidified his reputation as a reliable and resilient player. Matteo's resilience extended beyond the field, as he successfully battled a brain tumor in 2019, demonstrating remarkable courage and strength in facing this personal challenge.

Following his retirement from professional football, Dominic Matteo continued to engage with the sport through punditry and remained involved in charity work, inspiring many with his resilience and positive attitude. Matteo's legacy in football is not only defined by his skills as a player but also by his resilience in overcoming adversity, making him a beloved figure in the world of football.