What is PUNDIT?

A board game in which friends can quiz each other on football memories

PUNDIT came about in an unusual way. Two pals were sat in an office, fed up of their day jobs like so many of us are. To spice things up a bit, they decided to challenge each other on their footballing trivia. After hours of shouting ‘Shearer’, ‘Sporting Lisbon’ and ‘Italia ‘90’ to answer just some of the questions, a colleague told them to go and play their daft game elsewhere. Only it wasn’t a fully designed game… until now. 

 Original pundit questions


In essence, PUNDIT is an opportunity to express ourselves and our love for the game. Combining nostalgia with our own experiences as fans; whether that’s through FIFA, football manager, season tickets in league two, or even for ex-pro’s to remind themselves of what’s beautiful about the beautiful game. It’s reliving our best (and worst) footballing moments and memories, with our best (and worst) friends, in any environment. Quiet night in? PUNDIT. Before a night out? PUNDIT. After a night out?! PUNDIT. The beauty of it is that it’s always the ‘right time’ to play.

Football Quiz Board Game

PUNDIT gives us a chance to remind ourselves and each other of special days, whether it was the Hand of God, Southgate’s missed peno, or David Beckham’s last game… it’s analog entertainment in a digital world - no phones, no iPads, just pure unbridled joy and entertainment in its simplest form. 

Never had the chance to show off that you know how many caps Paolo Maldini has for Italy? How many yellow cards Granit Xhaka got in 2018/19? How many free kicks Ronaldo skied in a row? Well now you do, and what was once ‘useless’ knowledge can now win you bragging rights, and the PUNDIT crown.



It’s easier than tying your laces. Answer questions right to play the ball forward. Get it into your strikers feet, and answer the next question to score a goal. Tactical cards can help disrupt attacks, but it’s as simple as ABC. 


Effectively, nothing. The game. Some pals. A couple of cold cans, and a half decent memory. We can’t wait to hear your stories. Play fair, leave it all out there, and put your money where your mouth is.PUNDIT