Career We Go x PUNDIT: Alexandre Pato

Career We Go and PUNDIT are teaming up to give you the greatest football trivia quiz out there. The player for August 24 Alexandre Pato. Read about him right here. 

Alexandre Pato's stats tells a tale of a goal scoring machine when he was at his best, but also a tale of what could have been. His early days at AC Milan showed promise of a player destined for the world elite but like many others before him, injuries ruined a lot.

The problems started in 2011 really and the transfer back home to Corinthians was Pato's way of trying to reboot his playing career. But it would never be the same even though he absolutely tore up the Chinese Super League.

Pato will forever be remembered for that goal at Camp Nou!

Alexandre Pato- Original PUNDIT question

 Original PUNDIT question card


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