Find PUNDIT at local markets

Embark on a journey through the vibrant markets and local events scattered across the UK, where the enigmatic allure of PUNDIT beckons. The PUNDIT aficionados are known to grace these gatherings—Newcastle Christmas Market, London Card Show, Retro Football Fair, London Programme Fair, Darlington Christmas Market—with their presence, showcasing this captivating game steeped in tradition and excitement.

These events serve as portals to discover the rich tapestry of PUNDIT's heritage and craftsmanship. As you meander through stalls laden with treasures, stumbling upon the PUNDIT booth becomes a stroke of luck—a chance to immerse yourself in a fusion of history and contemporary gaming. From the festive charm of Christmas markets to the niche allure of specialized fairs, the journey to find PUNDIT becomes an adventure, promising unexpected encounters and the delight of connecting with a piece of cultural brilliance amidst the lively atmosphere of local events across the UK.

Retro Football Fair

PUNDIT's enthralling presence at the Retro Football Fair in both 2022 and 2023 marked an exciting convergence of nostalgia, football fervor, and intellectual engagement. This revered marketplace, a haven for retro football shirt enthusiasts, provided the perfect backdrop for PUNDIT, a football trivia game steeped in the sport's rich history.

As visitors perused the stalls adorned with iconic football jerseys from eras past, PUNDIT stood as a beacon for those seeking to immerse themselves further in the essence of football's legacy. The game's fusion of trivia, strategy, and nostalgia resonated profoundly within the vibrant atmosphere of the Retro Football Fair.

In 2022 and 2023, PUNDIT became an integral part of this cherished gathering, fostering moments of camaraderie and friendly competition among attendees. Its presence was not merely about showcasing a game but about contributing a layer of interactive excitement to an event dedicated to celebrating football's heritage.

Amidst the jerseys that carried memories of legendary games and iconic players, PUNDIT's trivia cards added another dimension, allowing enthusiasts to test their knowledge and engage in passionate discussions about the sport they cherished. PUNDIT's participation at the Retro Football Fair became a testament to its relevance in the realm of football nostalgia and its seamless integration into the vibrant tapestry of this esteemed marketplace.

Newcastle Christmas Market

Nestled within the enchanting confines of Old Eldon Square during the 2022 Newcastle Christmas Market, the presence of PUNDIT infused the festive air with a distinct flair for football nostalgia and cerebral entertainment. Amidst the glistening lights and bustling stalls, the PUNDIT booth stood as a bastion of joviality and intellectual engagement.

As the market opened its gates on Saturday, November 19, and adorned Old Eldon Square until Friday, December 23, 2022, PUNDIT enthusiasts and intrigued passersby flocked to experience the Danish board game's unique fusion of football trivia and nostalgic charm.

Within this festive haven, the creators of PUNDIT showcased their passion, inviting visitors into a world where football lore intertwined seamlessly with strategic gameplay. Attendees eagerly embraced the opportunity to test their football knowledge and tactical prowess, forging connections and creating memories over friendly matches of this captivating game.

The vibrant ambiance of the Newcastle Christmas Market provided the perfect backdrop for the PUNDIT experience, fostering moments of camaraderie and spirited competition amidst the seasonal cheer. Each roll of the dice and trivia question became a catalyst for shared laughter and cherished moments, making PUNDIT at the Newcastle Christmas Market an unforgettable highlight of the holiday season.

London Card Show

Amidst the vibrant buzz of the renowned London Card Show in 2023, PUNDIT made an impactful presence, blending seamlessly into the fabric of this prestigious event. As a football trivia game centered around question cards, PUNDIT found its natural niche in this gathering that celebrated the diverse realm of card collections. The London Card Show, recently honored as the UK's Card Show of the Year 22/23, served as the perfect stage for PUNDIT's unique fusion of football nostalgia and engaging gameplay.

This show, founded just two years prior with a humble gathering of 10 tables and 40 attendees, had evolved into a grand spectacle, drawing over 3,000 enthusiasts worldwide. Amidst this flourishing community of card aficionados, PUNDIT found its place, engaging attendees in spirited rounds of football trivia, igniting conversations, and fostering connections.

The recent accolade as the UK’s Card Show of the Year was a testament to the vibrant and passionate card community. PUNDIT's presence at the London Card Show wasn't just about showcasing a game; it was about becoming a part of a dynamic tapestry of collectors and enthusiasts, contributing a distinctive football-themed dimension to this celebrated event.

London Programme Fair & Darlington Christmas Market

Recently we were at the Darlington Christmas Market for a weekend where we brought a bunch of copies of our football trivia game. We have also made a presence at London Programme Fair in 2023, so there's amble opportunity to find us at local markets across the UK.